7 Dominating SEO Trends for 2022

Written byToonia Rizza

December 22, 2019

As Google alteration, all year round so does search engine optimization. Webmasters who want to
keep their offensive and traffic (and potentially increase even more) are ever on the lookout for new
ways and steps to beat their challenger, thus setting a new SEO way. And now that 2021is quickly
accessing its end, it’s time to ask ourselves: what can we anticipate from SEO in 2022?

1. Voice search domination

The list opens with the entry somebody saw coming. It’s difficult not to, with so many talks about it!
The larger the mobile Internet increases, the farther we get cleaned from well old orthodox typing.
Teaching computers to understand our address – that’s what the approaching is about. And the way
to this aglow future lies done voice search SEO.

2. Video optimization

Voice search isn’t just an SEO trend fetching over the Internet; videos are, too. They are always
progressively famed information medium, which makes them a rich point of client traffic when you
use them cleverly.
A different 2020 anticipation says that videos will become a attraction for 75% of all Internet traffic. Get
with the times or get unsmooth by the competition!

3. Mobile-first indexing

2018 was the year when Google lastly rolled out its mobile-first index. How does it an activity? Only put,
websites are now graded founded on the superior of UX they supply on mobile devices. If a site has
a mobile and desktop interpretation, the index adds the mobile one; if there’s only the top side version,
it gets indexed the same as average.

4.Quality content development

Content is king, and high-standard content opens the way to high Google rankings; this is ordinary
knowledge. But what precisely does it mean? What kind of content counts as “high-quality”?
It’s really pretty casual once you retrieve who the content is meant for users. When they do a Google
search, they hope to insight something that will fulfill their needs 100% and then any more. When you
take the users’ search intent into a business relationship, you can set up a piece of content that does
precisely that. The Internet will be controlled by people who are the best at acquiring their
audience’s mindset.

5. Protection of user data

Online security is a large deal – and luckily, the powers that be are taking it earnestly. Early this year,
the EU enacted the General Data Protection Regulation which empowers users to much control over
their backstage information that’s in use by sites. While it surely works towards making user data
safer, there are inactive few vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious third parties. It’s too
primal to celebrate just yet!

6. Seamless users experience

The exploiter experience on a website can make or interrupt a dealing of any magnitude. Hence,
the business proprietor who would choose to keep devising an advantage with their sites will do their top-
quality to guarantee a glossy smooth UX. That means a casual-to-understand, intuitive design, a
down page load time, and perfectly no technical term.

7. Blockchain for SEO

Blockchain technology has a usage in devising the Internet more secure, which is why it’s been getting
more famed lately. Webmasters are looking for a path to integrate it into their sites and possibly profit
from it. It is awaited that blockchain can also be used in SEO for things like collateral backlinks.

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