Domain Authority (DA) was improved by Moz as a superior system to predict how likely a domain is to
rank in search.

Acquiring backlinks from an advanced domain authority is difficult due to higher editorial scrutiny. So
why is acquiring a high DA backlink essential?

Because it can encourage your own Domain Authority. Securing a link on a website and webpage that
has been linked to frequently means the page has much PageRank and link assets to flow. Essentially,
their “vote” counts for more when they link to your page.

Domain authority isn’t a complete metric by which to measure the value of a link, but it’s a better
metric to use in combination with others.

Moz themselves say one of the good ways to power DA is to build links from other Top-authority

How to growth domain authority

Earning great backlinks from such websites is not simple. High DA websites will just link if you publish
truly high-quality work, with built-in value for their audience.

Visual content link building

This opens up room for using ocular content to build high DA backlinks, but it requires that you make
Top-quality visuals that grab attention.

B2B Content Priorities

You can unlock loads of backlinks chance for your website with infographics, images, GIFs, and videos,
both by making good content and even repurposing existing content.
Here’s how you go about obtaining high DA backlinks with visual content

1.Guest Post Infographics

Many guest post subscriber submits text-based articles. Text-based articles have reached a saturation
element, and often high DA websites don’t accept guest posts.

Improved yet, you can follow Brian Dean's geographic access, writing a little custom introduction to
your info-graphic for numerous sites, accelerate the chance they share your infographic with their
audience (and secure a link in the process).

Mirabela Infographic

Infographics are highly easy to share and often dispersed across media websites such as Pinterest,
Facebook, Twitter, etc. Text just content doesn’t tend to be divided up as much, and article image
alone won’t ever be enough to give the context of the real content.

2.Design Custom Images For Your Guest Posts

With guest posts, typically, you are allowed just one relative link in the body of the content. But
there's an often-overlooked way to secure multiple links back to your website within a guest post:
include related links in your pictures.

2. Create Visual Content That Educates, Entertains,

Engages Audience

Funny, educational videos and infographics are few of the most-shared form of content on social
media. An emotionally evocative part of visual content has a much higher post engagement power
Here’s an example of making advertorial content that educates, entertains, and engages an audience:

3.Upload Visual Content On Top Directories

If you’re an investment in ocular content, you should be grownup your videos, pictures, infographics
natively on your website,
But that doesn’t mean it’s the lone place your visual contented should live. You should upload all your
media on high hosting websites and include a link back to the native source (your page on your site).

4.Publish Survey-Based Videos, Infographics, and Slideshares

Everybody loves a great success story.
Publish the result of your marketing campaigns, case studies, surveys, and success schemes in the
visual form: videos, infographics, slide shares, and pictures.