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How To Rank a Website with SEO

Building a website and getting traffic is not quite easy but a term which most of all web developer, business tycoon, and I.T expert are familiar is SEO. Seo is a technique and are some strategies that crucially helps you to rank your website at Serps. However, SEO is also not so obvious. You need to know how to do Search engine optimization, to rank extremely in the search engines.
in this Article, we help you to introduce to all steps that could be taken to optimize your blogger website or to promote your business to the targeted audience so let’s move on

Steps That really should be taken in Seo.

Keyword research:

keyword research is finding a niche relevant specific word which is trending and most popular on search engine with plenty of targeted traffic . its a seed come from industries, marketer, ordinary peoples, and online buyers who produce these seed according to their needs, requirements, trends that being change due to the course of time

How to search a keyword:

Priority is that you have to look at the category of the field on which you are working that is the initial step to find a keyword and search it in Google keyword planner tool

I prefer the google keyword tool. Although this is not free, it is an economical tool and provides all the information you need on your niche; you need to make a determination. Type your keyword into the Keyword Tool, and you’ll start receiving suggestions. They can be sorted by show the keyword authority, density, traffic on that keyword, and CPC rate… It’s also best to aim for keywords which are specific and targeted. Try to rank for small niches, as opposed to broad categories. Use this keyword as your domain name your domain name should be concise, meaningful and understandable for the search engine.
A Keyword with high authority has better chances to get optimize within a few courses of time.

Site structure :

Arranging all content of a website while in a compact manner that gives a better experience to a user (UI) to search engine site structure plays a vital role in ranking your website.
I have seen many website owners overlooking the site structure, which is the most crucial aspect of the SEO performance of the website. A good site structure means better user experience, crawling, and eventually a better SEO.
site structure enhance the ranking so make your website site structure as google friendly that crawlers can better understand and boost your optimization with high-quality layout/structure.

Competitor Analysis:

Taking the website on the top of the ranking is no more a child’s play. It takes lots of efforts to make the site on the top and to maintain that ranking. But before initiating the search engine optimization process, it is mandatory to do the competitor analysis.
It is the comprehensive analysis of the websites which are in the same business line. In the report, the complete information is tracked about the rival site. There are specific tools available online which help in providing full details of the competitor websites.

some guidelines for competitors analysis

1. Get a bird’s-eye view of your competitor’s campaign
2. Explore their advertising strategies and tactics
3. Simplify their online performance
4. Analyze their regional presence
5. Learn about your competitors’ most successful SEO practices
6. Explore their referring domains, IP


On page SEO concern with the techniques that are utilized to improve the ranking of an individual page visually for crawlers as well as on screen. Expecting the conclusion to boost the organic traffic to your website
it includes

Site title :

The site title is the main title shown in Google research page it compels the crawler and user to visit a website

some guidelines for the site title
1. Don’t use more than 66 characters
2. Your title tag should describe your page
3. The keyword is your priority in title
4. Write attractive title tags
5. Every title tag ought to be Unique for every page.

Meta Tag
Meta description:

The meta description is the overall summary of a website it is very significant both for the user and google bots. When Google bots crawl to your website, they can understand sort and category of your website. The length of meta doesn’t excess form 150 to 160 character. Its occurs/visualize beneath the site title and the URL/domain-name of the site. indeed it’s a small paragraph that advertises your brand or product and gives the necessary details about the site/blog

Focus keyword:

Put your Focused keyword in the title, meta description, and H1 tags and
also, type other cards keyword or subtitles in h2 or h3 so crawlers can even understand the importance of the other and brought your site to in result of stamps and related keywords.

Page Speed:

page speed referred to loading and brought the pace of webpage content, and it is essential for SEO .it directly Affects the user experience as well as statics of a webpage
optimize your page speed by installing a page speed optimize plugin on your website if your content is much bulky then added a screen splash loading panel for your site to give a better experience to a user.

Internal Linking:

An internal link is a type of hyperlink that has the same web address on which is it exist
In simple word an internal link point to the same domain name of a website
it has two type

1. Internal that referring to same domain same page
2. internal link relating to the same area but different webpage( usually in the navigation bar )

They are essential for insurance of visitors to prevent from redirection to another website. They give brief details about the structure of the site to google it provides a way to the crawler to understand the hierarchy of the website
use an internal link to redirect to your website merely
place some webpage to your site in navigation use some internal links behind them to increase the understandability of your website.

Website submission to Search Engines:

Website URL submission to the search engine is like to be registered in the nationality of a will not consider a citizen until you have not your national identity card. Same like that search engine does not optimize or index any until it has been submitted to it.
so to rank your website, you have sent your URL
where you can create submit a website URL:
these are following site;
google merchant (if you are selling a product or brand)
Submit RSS feed to Google.
Submit Google Webmaster Tools.
Submit site to Bing Webmaster Tools
submit the site to yahoo

Off Page Seo :

off page SEO refers to some scenario which is used to civilize the ranking of your website in SERP.

It depends upon the popularity, authority, and trustworthiness of the website with respect to another website, forum, blogs, articles and pages which are then become the witness of these websites by some useful factors for search engine crawlers
building backlinks (directory, forum): Backlinks play a vital role to refine your website ranking Actually these are signal/indicators for a search engine that are connected to site .its pretty apparent that a site which has more backlinks have better chances to another rank fast as compared to a website which has less.

So Create back-links on Forums, Directories along with other relevant sites related to your niche.
You may also create back-links by bookmarking your post on bookmarking sites. Keep your website simple. High ranking sites are usually simple in designing and easy to navigate. This allows the internet search engine crawlers to receive the content they’re searching for quickly. Keep your website fresh. Add new content regularly. Search engines love new material. Given that you know how to do Search engine optimization, you may apply these techniques to your site.

Some backlinks are earning backlinks which means they exist due to the excellent reputation of a website. These are also called natural backlinks or loveable backlinks for google.
Create back-links on Forums, Directories along with other relevant websites related to your niche. You may also create back-links by bookmarking your post on bookmarking sites. Keep your website simple

Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is a term in which social networks(such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest)are aimed to promote your brand, product, site, blog post, article to get the organic traffic,search engine has a priority to deliver the quality content, so it takes social signals as it indicator for enhancement of the search result
Make an account on every social media sites with a profile of your site email, pics and keyword to enhance your ranking.
Get engaged with peoples to get viral in these sites, stay connected and share your links and content

Guest posting:

Guest posting is an off-page SEO tactic in which assignment another website/blog as a guest to a current website by some good reputation or asking someone or by getting permission .it has a very massive impact on search engine ranking
First of all you have to find a blog which allows you for posting by writing your “relevant category” blog list name in search bar or “writes for us” this will see some search results,send your pitch to the site/blog for guest posting Contact the editor by addressing some of proposal of requesting him/her to allow for submission of your article
If you have submitted your proposal the Wait for approval Once you have to get the approval from the owner, then Publish your guest post

Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking refers the SEO action in which user add, Edit, explore, share their bookmarks to social sites. Social bookmarking by default is public meant can be viewed by everyone.bookmarking is used to getting traffic. Search engine often show the markers result so its an opportunity to get enhanced by Search engine