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How to Rank in Search engine With The Help of Seo Tools

Driven traffic to a website is a marketing strategy while its look like impossible without the help of SEO but doing SEO is a long time experience, spending thousands of dollars to your company, paying salaries to employers for creating backlinks, directories, bookmarking, competitor analysis.

however, we can find these services on Freelancer/Fiverr/up work but its look not elegant when you are an SEO expert/I.T specialist /blogger and finding services on Fiverr for your SEO its against the professionalism.

Google change its algorithms and standard regularly so if you want to do SEO in one hand let us help you if you wish to keyword monitoring, webmaster analysis, spying competitors, track ranking, optimization targets, keyword density, page indexing, and other ranking factors.

then you are on the right path

In this Article, I explain some of the tools that can be used to upgrade your SEO.
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Ahrefs is A Dynamic link research tool which has their bots and crawlers on millions of websites
It gives us a complete report of backlinks that are pointing to a specific domain. It only catches Quality backlinks And its index after 30 minutes it gives us domain rating and url rating.

The tool highlights which parts of your website are weak/cause/improvements to help ensure your best ranking it also reported us with referring domains of a website offering domain are some url Addressing to a websites lets discuss Other features of Ahrefs.

Site Explore:

By site explorer, it allows you to some little spying on gives you organic traffic research and paid traffic research

content explorer:

This feature provides the relevant most shared content about a niche

keyword research :

It suggests the Keyword for A slot With CPC rate.

Rank Tracker:

Monitor the ranking of your with and indexing with this gives tracked keywords, update frequency, and Mobile ranking.


Semrush is the best marketing tool with a lot of specification and purposes its efficient machine for Monitor website performance. It Finds and resolves issues on the website. Errors and bug often created due to some negligence or from some other issues Semrush Can be used to tackle this problem.

1: it enables us to run Seo campaign.

2: Helpful to find updates on keyword ranking.

3: Can track the success of social media.
4: Brand reputation can be the monitor.
5: Make it easy for the search engine robot to crawl.
6: User-friendly experience can be created to the user with optimization techniques.


PPC (Advertising)
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Social Media
Public Relations
Content Marketing


Moz is the best SEO tools forever it tends to be popular tools of SEO expert it utilizes to keyword research and as well as site crawl. It monitor us with website performance and improvement factors by suggestion given by moz tools. Moz offers free SEO learning for curious peoples and to make a learn for beginner to pro level that’s why I love Moz and suggest it to the other to optimize their ranking. It gives a free browser extension for user Easiness to audit a site page.

Key features of MOZ

Page Authority (PA)
Domain Authority (DA)
Difficulty Scoring
Keyword Management
Related Keyword Suggestions
CPC rating


Due to A Wide range of features majestic is well known for SEO.
its a site explorer or backlinks specialist like ahrefs it also tells the competitors analysis, ranking, weeks point to defeat your oppose by suggesting you with some strategies

its enjoyed us with full backlink monitoring, investigate search result, deep page insight, link to google search console, it metric include CF (citation flow ) and TF(trust flow )Identify site strength and a lot more are such common features of majestic has the most expensive crawler in SEO tools range it also gives an extension for most popular browsers (google chrome and Mozilla Firefox) have a superlative feature of its search engine we can track content ranking with use of majestic,
overall it’s advanced SEO tool that works with accessible and useful SEO tools with its multiple features.


Alexa is one of the best tools that can make you # 1 on a google search engine.
Alexa is the one of leading an old machine in SEO world that gives massive marketing facilities to its clients; it provides site Audit and content. Easily engaged us with website statistics, traffic, and website performance.
It’s very efficient in finding a keyword, spying, competitor enables the user to access the critical information about a website and improve ranking .it can determine the growth and success of a site .it also predict the upcoming classification and drinking.
Alexa helps you search and focus on low competition keywords to enhance your SEO.

Alexa Gives also:

Competitor Keyword
On-Page SEO Checker
Find Similar Sites Search
SEO Audit Tool
Website Traffic Statistics
Competitor Backlink Checker
Keyword Difficulty Tool

Buzzsumo :

Buzzsumo is a social media analytical tools. It helps to rank on a particular niche with a robust social media search engine .it also a content market tools which support the content creator to build a content that’s according to the marketers need and desire so dealing with this tools your content survive from getting in the hand of trash it goes for a publishing channel.
buzzsumo is content helper tools a better material can be found by search so buzzsumo helps you for better research that can lead you to quality content

Buzzsumo Characteristics:

Social Media Content analysis
Personalized Interface
competitors spying
Effective Content Curation
Data Exports
Advanced Data Filters
Comprehensive Social Media Analytics
Content creators’ details


Wordai is Article rewriter And Spinner tool that can make your content unique and enhance the readability and create better understanding with lots of words and synonyms that are related to a word have a facility to rewrite a paragraph faster a sentence or a line in just a click. It never changes the meaning of a word, sentence, or an article but create it unique or something different by eliminating the issue of plagiarism and copy .it has a lot of vocabulary word meaning, synonym and other compatible source and answers of a term.

It does not work with only English but also supported other language such as Spanish,French and Italian that increase its have noticed that many other free article spinner create the content like machine generated but the content of the word is look like human-made which means it creates content uniqueness and help content creator to save from copyright issue.

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