How to Use Buzzsumo and Create Buzzsumo for Free 2024

How to use Buzzsumo

Written byToonia Rizza

November 12, 2023

In marketing, the primary objective has always been to create demand. In this regard, conscious attempts are continuously made to discover consumers’ ever-changing preferences and tastes to satisfy their needs. However, several marketing tools have been established to try and make it easier for marketers to aim for this moving target.

In recent years, the advent of Arti cial Intelligence has played a pivotal role, especially in Digital Marketing. The use of big data analytics, machine learning, and other processes in gaining insight into target markets has made it easier to create more effective and informed customer touchpoints. However, it is important for you as a marketer to know where to nd the information that will help leverage your content strategy.

BuzzSumo is, by all means, the best site for you if you want to keep track of the trends and popular topics for your research. The powerful insight that it provides through accurate data will help you develop an effective content strategy and reduce the amount of time you require in doing so. That simply means that you will not waste your resources and your customers’ precious time to embrace a data-driven content creation process like this one.

It also helps you keep an eye on how your competitors are doing, as we know the importance of competition in this trade. The more you know about your competitor, the better you will be in trying to counter their actions and benchmark yourself against them. This has been emphasized by many strategists, including Sun Tzu, “If you know both your enemy and yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.”

What is BuzzSumo Tool?

BuzzSumo is an online marketing analysis tool that analyses huge volumes of content to make comprehensive data ready for use by marketers like you. Its well-crafted social search engine locates the most shared posts for a domain, author, or topic, which provides you with an insight into the type of content suitable for your audience.

The high-quality social media and internet insight that it provides through social sharing count will help you deliver the best-performing content speciRcally targeted to your niche.

The good thing about BuzzSumo is that it provides you with a 30 day guided free trial which allows you to explore and get to learn how this tool can bene t your content marketing. Even though the trial period restricts you to 100 searches, there is a lot that you can learn, and the chances are high that you will subscribe for more monthly searches and reports after the trial period.

Benefits of using BuzzSumo.

Provision of relevant information.

It goes without saying that content has to be relevant to its target audience for it to be effective. This marketing tool helps you Ynd that accurate information to develop a vibrant content strategy.

The relevance and accuracy of information provided through this tool also assist in the public relations process with planning tools that will enable you to capitalize on media opportunities.

Gives you information about your competitors.

BuzzSumo provides you with information on the channels and sources that are being used by your competitors.

Consider the tool as a smart spy that systematically keeps an eye on your competitors, and this bene ts you in matching them or even improving on what they are working on.

You can gain access to BuzzSumo’s Search and Account APIs.

The BuzzSumo API allows you to programmatically retrieve data, and of course, you can also get a trial period for that as well if you submit your API use case.

This process will require you to rst complete a questionnaire before you proceed, but you can also read the documentation provided in the Settings therein for a better understanding.

It can integrate with social media platforms.

BuzzSumo allows you to integrate with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter so that you and your team can follow in uencers and carry out some actions on the platforms directly from the site.

How to use BuzzSumo.

Having gone through most of the benefits of using the tool, it is essential to note some of the useful tips that will make your content marketing journey a memorable one. There are a lot of uses for this tool, but we will just highlight a few and allow you to explore the other fabulous purposes it offers.

We may start by brie y defining a term that you will need to keep in the back of your mind before heading to (in no particular order) the uses of BuzzSumo:


On social media, people do not always have information about what is trending and where but they get to follow someone who they regard as an idol or role model. However, these individuals have the power that if they talk about something or endorse something, it unbelievably generates interest.

These individuals are undisputedly pivotal in modern-day digital marketing and we strongly believe that you need to consider them in your content marketing strategy.

Finding accurate Influencer information.

BuzzSumo helps you identify suitable influencers for your content strategy and if they share something that is within your scope, you will be definitely ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

A search on BuzzSumo on a particular topic will provide you with 10 influencers while also sharing the links on that topic. This makes your life easier than having to aimlessly search on the internet for trending topics.

The main idea is to make your content relevant and if possible, viral. influencers play a key role in making this happen since they already have a large following on social media platforms. Having relevant influencers will bene t you in probably gaining inspiration from their content or lead to networking with them.

Obtaining ideas from the Web Content Analyzer.

In order to have a successful marketing campaign, you need to know what the market is interested in. BuzzSumo’s Web Content Analyzer helps you identify what your audience is interested in and provides you with a list of the top-performing content across the web. Imagine how long it would take you to browse the internet in search of hot topics.

In order to enhance your content plan, you will have the ability to compare popular topics to your core topics and benchmark yourself.

Identifying the best performing platform for your content.

With BuzzSumo, you have the opportunity to check how your content is doing on the various social media platforms. This helps you in identifying the content that is popular in that channel through the ability to sort by social site headers. This helps to optimize your content strategy, however, you can check for possible conversion optimization failures such as your content’s lack of relevance to the target audience.

Analyzing your competitors’ content.

The viral content analysis provided by BuzzSumo would not be complete if you are not aware of your competitors’ content. This however will require you to go past the trial version and at least access the Pro package. You will be able to run a comprehensive content analysis and generate a report which provides you with detailed information.

Using this tool will help you increase the chances of success for your content and obtain better conversions. By only searching for your competitor’s domain name, you will be able to generate a report with the total number of articles published and also a breakdown by content type.

How do I create an account?

This is probably the ]rst question that comes to your mind when you have generated interest. Creating an account with BuzzSumo is a straightforward process and can take you less than 5 minutes. As we had mentioned earlier, you have the chance to go through a 30 day trial period where you get to learn about how to use the site and also to discover the bene ts by yourself.

There may be other ways to create an account, but the simplest way after visiting the website ( is to access the three-lined option button on the top right corner. Options will drop down and you simply select the “30 Day Free Trial” option to get started. All you will need to do is to provide the required information and your 30-day trial begins.


When the 30 day trial period has elapsed or you have exhausted the 100 searches on the free trial, you will need to choose a subscription plan based on how you intend to continue using BuzzSumo. There are 4 pricing plans available that you can choose from and each of them has its own distinct features which we are sure that by then you will be aware of.

We will just give you a brief rundown on each of the pricing plans so that you become familiar with the prices and features.


This plan is suitable for individuals and small teams. At $99 per month or $79, if you are being billed yearly, you will have access to 1 year of data and 50 report exports per month. You will also have a limit of 5 users on your account which you may assign to your teammates. In addition, you will also have access to 5 alerts and 10 trending feeds.


This plan gives you a bit more of everything at $179 per month or $139 if you are billed annually. You will have access to the same 1-year data as the Pro plan but you will be able to have up to 10 users accessing BuzzSumo. This ideally makes this plan more suitable for growing teams and probably users who require a bit more from the marketing tool.

You will have a limit of 150 exports a month and 20 trending feeds. To make it a bit more interesting, you will have access to a Question Analyzer and Top Author Search.


This plan is suitable for agencies and even bigger teams as it allows up to 15 users and access to 2 years of data. Your team will be able to bene t from the 200 exports that it provides and 50 trending feeds. To top it all off, this plan provides you with a Facebook Analyzer and Advanced In uencer Search on top of the Quality Analyzer that is also provided on the Plus package. All these tools are available at a price of $299 a month or $239 per month if you have an annual bill.


At $499+ you will have unlimited monthly searches and projects available to the 30 users on this plan. The premium service on this plan gives you and your team access to 5 years of data, 30 alerts, 150 trending feeds, and a whopping 400 exports. The custom-made plans specially tailored to your needs make this plan qualify for signiEcantly big agencies and global organizations.

To summarise the pricing, if you opt to pay yearly for any of the plans, you will automatically earn a 20% discount. Not only will this save you some money but this gives your marketing experience an indispensable tool that you will not regret.


Based on all the reviews that we came across, this marketing tool has given almost every user a great experience. The trial period offers you ample time to explore while the support team is available to assist you along the way. But like any other tool, competition is there to either provide a better solution or supplement its shortcomings.

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